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Model PLC-01/05
Specification :

- Overall Dimension : 26 x 26 x 25 cm
- Net weight : approx 7.0 Kgs.
- Motor : High torque carbon motor, 90 watt.
- Power source : 110 VAC, 60 Hz or
                                 220 VAC 50 Hz

 Technical data :

 Equipped wiyh plastic tube adaptors size
 17 x 90 mm, suitable for 15 ml. centrifuge
 tubes, can handle 16 x 98 mm and 13 x 100
 mm. test  tubes. 
 Unit comes with versatile capacity 45" fixed
 angle rotor.
  Variable-speed control operates at speed
 from 1000 to 4000 rpm.
 Timer activated operation, adjust running
 time anywhere from 0 - 30 minutes.
  Auto balanced system to eliminate vibration
 Unit comes with a sturdy cap to secure
 contents and reduce possibility of damage.
 Open only after rotor has stopped 
 Air intake holes on bottom of rotor chamber
 help keep centrifuge cool during extended
 Cast-iron base and 3 rubber suction feet
 avoid unit from creeping and moving.
 Low cost and best-selling centrifuge suitable 
 for general purposes in laboratory and

 Model  Capacity RCF x g
PLC-01  4 x 15 ml (A-0415) 1290
PLC-02 6 x 15 ml (A-0615) 1290
PLC-03 8 x 15 ml (A-0815) 1290
PLC-04 10 x 15 ml (A-1015) 1449
PLC-05 12 x 15 ml (A-1215) 1449

Model KHT-400
Specification :
- Overall Dimension : 25.5 x 23 x 24 cm
- Net weight : approx 9.0 Kgs.
- Power source : 110 VAC, 60 Hz or
                                 220 VAC 50 Hz

Technical data :

 Accommodate with 24 grooves rotor for
 capillary tubes of size 75 mm x 1.5 mm
 Built in 15 minutes timer , shut the unut off
 when preset time has elapsed
 Power interrupt safety cover
 Safety latch assembled
 Manual electric break to stop the running in 
 short time
 Reader disc included
 Maxinum speed upto 12000 RPM.





 Model  Capacity RPM
KHT-400  Hematocrite


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