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็Halogen Lamp
หลอดฮาโลเจน สำหรับเครื่องมือวิทยาศาสตร์การแพทย์

Light Source

Tungsten-halogen lamp 6 V, 20 W, voltage-stabilized, average life 2000 hour

Product Safety Tips:

Halogen Torchiere Lamps

Safety is important to you and it's important to the safety experts here at UL. To help reduce the risk of fire in your home that could result from improper use of a halogen torchiere lamp, please take the time to follow these precautionary measures.

  • Carefully read any and all safety instructions, warnings and markings that accompany the product before use.
  • Never place materials such as clothing and towels on the top of a torchiere lamp.
  • Never place a torchiere lamp near an open window where a strong breeze could blow drapery onto the lamp bulb.
  • Avoid placing lamps in locations where they may be easily tipped over by children or pets.
  • Never use torchiere lamps in children's bedrooms or playrooms. Children may play with lamps or unknowingly place combustibles, such as stuffed toys or clothing, too close to the bulb area.
  • Keep torchiere lamps away from elevated beds, such as bunk beds, where bedding may get too close to the bulb area.
  • Always turn off or unplug the lamp before removing or replacing bulbs.
  • Never attempt to replace or discard a bulb that is hot to the touch.
  • Never use a bulb of a different style or higher wattage than recommended by the manufacturer's use and care instructions.
  • Never operate any lamp with missing or damaged parts or components.
  • Avoid leaving high-wattage (more than 100 watts) halogen lamps on when you leave the room or when you are not at home.


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