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Aromatherapy products

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Massage is an excellent way to apply essential oils. Both therapies increase 
circulation; support immune function and cell metabolism; and deepen the breath and body awareness. Blend about 5-12 drops with one tablespoon of carrier oil (any cold pressed vegetable or nut oil, I use sweet almond with a little hazelnut). Try daily 5-minute massage with any combination 
Give yourself over to the aromatic mastery of nature and the healing influence of informed touch. A unique blend of essential oils is selected for your session and we talk about how each is beneficial to you. Next your blend is applied through skilled massage using an array of bodywork techniques including Swedish Massage, Deep Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Structural Bodywork, Acupressure, Touch for Health, and more.


Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

  • Initiates deeper breathing and relaxation response
    ให้การซึมซับผ่านทางระบบทางเดินหายใจ ช่วยให้รู้สึกผ่อนคลายได้ดี
  • Improves posture and joint flexibility
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Brings a healthier glow to your skin
    ผลของน้ำมันหอมระเหยช่วยให้ผิวหนังมีสุขภาพที่ดี สดใส
  • Increases circulation and lymph drainage
  • Stimulates more efficient cell metabolism (more nutrients/less waste)
  • Heightens whole body awareness
    ช่วยให้ร่างกายสดชื่น ตื่นตัวอยู่ตลอดเวลา
  • Balances, clears, and focuses your attitudes and feelings
  • Frees energy flow through the body/mind
  • Strengthens your sense of connection to nature and to spirit
  • Provides safe compassionate touch, a basic nutrient for survival and growth

Therapeutic Massage is a most effective method of applying Aromatherapy. Essential Oils are diluted with vegetable oils and then rubbed into the body through various massage techniques. Depending upon the essence, 9 to 18 drops are added to one ounce of vegetable oil, which can be avocado, hazelnut, wheat germ, calendula, grape seed, olive, sweet almond, or sunflower seed oils. Only small quantities should be made up at a time, as vegetable oils combined with the essences, tend to oxidize and turn rancid. AromaEssence provides a mix of the above oils without essences, in a one ounce dropper bottle, for your convenience. Just decide which essences and quantities you wish to blend, and add them by the drop to the one ounce vegetable oil dropper bottle. There is room on the bottle’s label to make note of which oils you added for future reference. Shake well, then apply a small amount of the oil mixture to your hands with the convenient dropper pipette, and massage into the skin with whatever technique you desire.

Common questions about the art of making massage oils.
What Are Carrier Oils?
Carrier oils are vegetable oils used to dilute theconcentrated 
essential oils, they help to slow down the evaporation of the essential oils and help absorb them into the skin. The carrier oils should be "Extra virgin or cold pressed vegetable oils" for maximum benefit. Some good carrier oils include mineral oil, grapeseed, canola, safflower, sunflower, sesame, wheat germ, olive and peanut oil.

also know as base oils; since essential oils are so concentrated, they need to be diluted for use directly on the skin, and the vegetable oils having nourishing and therapeutic properties of their own, make them the perfect carriers.  Carrier oils are also excellent for massage and skin care. Carrier oils provide good lubrication for substances in their own right; carrying important healing substances, vitamins and minerals.  They support the skin's ability to function, to breathe, to absorb light, to regulate the skin's temperature, soften the skin and give it elasticity.  Our carrier oils are cold pressed, some oils have to be refined to remove undesirable components .Some oils oxidize or can go rancid quickly in this cases we add natural vitamin E to help to extend the shelf life of this oils .

Choose from the following base oils for making your own massage blends.  These oils are safe for all kin types, but it it advisable to patch test the carrier oils first before making the blend. Our oils come from a leader in the industry we found them to be the best in quality and price.

Carrier Oils:

Carrier oils are just that. They are the oils that carry the essential oil. There are a wide variety available including the following:

  • Almond Oil /อัลมอนด์ - Is a fine, light, soothing and healing oil, excellent for general use and is also useful for the removal of make-up and skin suffering from exposure to sun and wind. very easily absorbed by the skin, is very smooth, has little smell, keeps well, contains vitamin D and has beneficial effects on hair, dry skin and brittle nails.
    Sweet Almond - This is perhaps the most commonly used carrier oil. It is very popular among massage therapists because of its versatility. It can be used on all skin types and is especially good for "itchy" skin conditions in need of added moisture. 
  • Jojoba Oil / โจโจ้บา - Jojoba - Jojoba "oil" is actually a liquid vegetable wax, rather than an oil. This gives jojoba a long shelf life, even after more than a year, it does not go rancid like a vegetable oil is prone to do. The molecular structure of jojoba resembles the structure of the sebum produced by our skin. This enables jojoba to cleanse the skin by dissolving sebum that has become trapped in the skin's pores. It is a nourishing and moisturizing oil that is very good to use for massage, bath and body care preparations. Another benefit to using jojoba as a bath oil base is that it does not leave a "bath tub ring" like a vegetable oil will do.
  • Apricot kernel Oil /เมล็ดแอปริค็อท - Pale yellow in color with a light, fine texture making it especially suitable for facial massage and make-up removal, also for skin suffering exposure to sun and wind.  Contains Vitamin A, particularly good for use on the face if the skin is dry or aging
  • Avocado Oil / อโวคาโด้ heavy, rich in nutrients, very good for dry aging and sensitive skins Evening Primrose Oil - helpful for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, only keeps for about 2 months after opening , easily absorbed into the deeper levels of the skin. Excellent for facial massage
  • Coconut Oil/น้ำมันมะพร้าว
     The ideal choice for massage if you are concerned about soiled sheets, as Coconut Oil washes out easily. Solid at room temperature, it liquefies to the touch or can be gently warmed by placing bottle in warm water for a few minutes.
  • Grapeseed Oil /เกร็ปซีด - light, good for oily skin, one of the least expensive oils.
    This oil has an attractive light green color and is a lighter oil than most other choices. Grapeseed penetrates the skin rather quickly and therefore seems less "oily." It can be used to thin heavier oils producing a more moderate viscosity.
  • Hazelnut Oil /ฮาเซลนัท - penetrates the skin very easily and is deeply nourishing Jojoba Oil - light, rich in vitamin E, beneficial for spots, acne, dandruff and dry scalp
  • Olive Oil /น้ำมันมะกอก - can be used in a pinch, but has a strong smell which may compete with the essential oil
  • Peach Kernel Oil /เมล็ดลูกพีช - light, contains vitamins A & E, very good for the face
  • Rice bran Oil/น้ำมันรำข้าว
    Rice bran oil contains several components that exhibit antioxidant properties. These include gamma-oryzanol, tocotrienols, tocopherols, and squalene. Rice bran oil reducing harmful LDL serum cholesterol, but they also appear to play a role in reducing plaque build-up on artery walls. Gamma-oryzanol is effective in absorbing ultraviolet light, thereby inhibiting a number of adverse effects attributed to exposure to sunlight.
  • Soya Oil /ถั่วเหลือง - easily absorbed, rich in vitamin E
  • Sunflower Oil /ดอกทานตะวัน - contains essential fatty acids, rich in vitamin E, has a slightly nutty smell
  • Wheatgerm Oil /วีทเจิรม์ - contains vitamins A, B, C and E, firms and tones the skin, reduces blemishes, can help to reduce scar tissue and stretch marks, has a strong smell
  • Sesame Oil / น้ำมันงา
  • Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothers biennis) - High in levels of GLA. (Gamma Linolenic Acid) an essential fatty acid which the body uses to manufacture hormone like substances called Prostaglandin's. These are involved in the healthy functioning of many types of body tissue; combating pain and inflammation; regulating the menstrual cycle and controlling blood/cholesterol levels. Prostaglandin's appear to have a beneficial effect on the immune system and on the brain. It is an effective base oil for the treatment of PMS, eczema, psoriasis and arthritis. Helps to prevent the premature ageing of the skin. Use 10% dilution. It is quite a sticky, concentrated oil and is therefore easiest to use when blended with another lighter oil, such as grape seed or safflower. This mixture then forms a protective layer on the epidermis and keeps the complexion supple and strong. The mixture will keep for about a month if stored in a cool dark place
How Do I Store The Essential Oils?
Store essential oils in brown or dark blue colored glass bottles with a close fitting plastic screw cap. Do not store in plastic containers, they could become contaminated. Keep them in a dark, cool place to prolong the shelf life. Always store out of reach of children.
What Safety Precautions Should I Take?
Essentail oils are highly concentrated extracts so keep away from the eyes ( If oil comes in contact with the eyes, rinse it out with a few drops of pure Sweet Almond Oil, not water. Seek medical attention.) and never take them internally. They should not be applied directly to the skin but mixed with a carrier oil such as mineral oil to dilute them as the oils are in concentrated form. Never increase the dose of essential oil. Some oils are toxic in large amounts.
*NOTE: Do not go out in the sun for atleast 6 hours after using any of these oils in your recipes: Ginger, lemon, orange and Bergamot, they can cause skin irritations if exposed to sun.
*Do not use on Pregnant women or children under the age of two.
แมสสาจออยล์ และส่วนผสม
100 ml.
 Vegetable carrier
 Massage oil
sweet almond oil 
สวีท อัลมอนด์ ออย
150 .-
 Vegetable carrier
 Massage oil
sweet almond oil and jojoba 
 (a liquid wax) 
สวีท อัลมอนด์ ออย ผสมกับ
น้ำมันโจโจ้บา ออย
สูตรผสม 2 ชนิด
200 .-
 Vegetable carrier
 Massage oil
Olive oil 
น้ำมันมะกอก ออย
100 .-
 Vegetable carrier
 Massage oil
Sesame oil 
น้ำมันงา ออย
150 .-
(Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang)
ผ่อนคลาย 350 .-
(Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender)
กระตุ้นให้สดชื่น 350 .-
(Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary)
บรรเทาการปวดเมื่อย คลายกล้ามเนื้อ 350 .-
(Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Geranium)
ลดไขมันส่วนเกิน 350 .-

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This is perhaps the oldest and simplest of all medical treatments. It is the easiest 
way of maintaining wellbeing. It is a healing instinct, innate to us all, to rub an aching shoulder, stroke a strained neck. Aches, pains, strains, headaches, tension and stress can all be eased away with one basic instrument – our hands! Simply rub in or massage evenly over the body with gentle strokes. Use one of our ready blended oils our create your own with 5 drops of our Pure Essential oils to 10ml of our Base oils. Pure essential oils are very concentrated and should not be appliedto your skin in the raw form.

Quick Foot Massage
Rub the oil into your hands. Hold your foot balanced on the opposite knee. Press 
your thumbs vigorously into the sole. Run knuckles up the centre line from the heel 
to gently pull the toes. The on top of the foot, stroke from ankles to toes. 
   Use essential oils such as Peppermint, Lavender or Tea tree.

Hand Massage
Pressure points on the hand are easy to locate. They are on the pads of each 
finger, on the thumb pad and in the centre of the palm. This is the solar plexus point. 

To massage, cradle your hand between thumb and fingers. Apply pressure (up to 
30 secs.) by bending and straightening thumb. Firmly rub each finger.
    Use relaxing essential oils such as Geranium, Bergamot or Lavender.

First, massage the pad of each thumb from the knuckle to the tip, concentrating 
especially on the area closest to your forefinger. Then, massage around the 
temples and the base of the skull with fingertips. 
    Use essential oils such as Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Lavender or Clary Sage.
    (Do not use Clary Sage where headache is due to alcohol) 

When you can't unwind and thoughts are racing, use thumbs to apply pressure to 
the solar plexus point on both hands. (See Hand Massage) Do each hand for at 
least 1 minute. Rub relaxing essential oils onto your hands and massage as 
above. Add some relaxing oil to a cotton ball and tuck into your pillow slip. 
You'll soon enjoy sweet dreams.
     Use Neroli, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile or Sweet Orange essential oils.

Counteract fatigue by applying pressure to a point on each hand that is slightly to 
the left or right of the solar plexus point (towards the little finger). Straighten your 
spine by long slow stretches first with head down to chest; then up. Tilt head back 
(looking towards the sky), breathe slowly and deeply for 30 seconds. Relax. Rub 
essential oils onto the palms of your hands and into the sides of the neck with a 
circular anticlockwise motion.
     Use essential oils Pettigrain, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry or Rosemary.

Shoulder/Neck Stress
To release tension, sit upright. Place the fingers of your left hand at the base of 
your neck on the right side. Press fingers firmly along the top of your shoulder until 
you reach the bony bit at the top of the arm. Repeat three times. Stroke firmly three times. Repeat with right hand side. With fingertips, make small circular
movements up the back of the neck and base of skull. Concentrate on tight areas.
Continue until these relax.
    Use essential oils Geranium, Everlasting, Frankincense or Ylang Ylang 

Massaging a Baby 
Refer to the Essential Health Information Sheet #11. Massaging A Baby. But if you 
don't get the hang of it immediately, don't worry. As long as your touch is gentle, 
loving and reassuring it doesn't really matter how you do it. The important thing is 
that Baby is thoroughly stroked, caressed, rubbed, cuddled and made to feel 
loved and secure. 

Soothing Teeth and Colic.
Gently rubbing sore places with a soothing essential oil (in a clockwise direction) 
will often ease the pain. For colic, try rubbing the tummy first and then the back. As 
spasms ease, you can further calm Baby by gently rubbing the ball of your thumb 
(watch your nails) very softly and slowly along the spinal column - up and down - up and down. 

Quieting Children
Remember that the soles of the feet and palms of the hands are the most 
absorbent parts of the body. These can be made the focal points of many gentle, 
fun type games with young (and not so young) children. 

A Quick Fix for Children
A small vial of calming Lavender or Roman Chamomile essential oil (10 drops to 
25 ml. of base oil) can be a lifesaver, particularly when over- excitement in a public place turns to tears or tantrums. It's quite amazing what a quiet word, a quick cuddle and drop of two of "Mummy's Magic Potion" can do, dabbed on the pulse points at the wrists and behind the ears. 

For overtired or strung out children, a back and shoulder rub with warmed
essential oil (try lavender, Roman chamomile, Neroli or one of the blends 
specially developed for children by Essential Health), followed by a warm bath and a cuddle. This will generally do wonders.

Good relaxing oils for children are Lavender or Roman Chamomile.
Or use ready-blended Essential Health Baby Soother straight from the bottle. 

Back Massage for Older Children 
Older children love a back massage. It's very beneficial particularly to the 
respiratory system. Massage the back in long sweeping movements. Start at the 
base of the spine, your hands on either side of the vertebrae and move in upward 
strokes to the shoulders, over the shoulder and down the sides of the body. 

Use Geranium, Frankincense, Bergamot or Lavender essential oils (15 drops to 
25 ml. blending oil) or ready-mixed Essential Health Relaxation.

Colds, flu and after asthma attacks
Essential Health Chest Rub for Colds provides a therapeutic massage oil to help 
relax and loosen the body after an achy cold. Massage into back and chest. Rub 
hands and feet. Follow with a warm bath or shower. Helps builds immunity. 

But don't feel constrained because you don't know special techniques. As with 
babies and toddlers, any massage if it's gentle and reassuring and helps a young body to absorb therapeutic oils, is a good massage for a child. And every day is a good day to massage your child.

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