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   Floating Candle for Wedding and Party Decor
Our floating oil candle kits are an inexpensive decorating idea for 
weddings, receptions, parties, holiday celebrations or a romantic 
evening at home. They add elegance to your decor with very little 
effort. You can customize the container to suit your celebration 
theme. They also make a unique gift idea for holidays, birthdays or 

Floating Candle Instructions. Directions on proper use of floats:

- Open pack of floats and wicks.
- Insert wick in center of float.
- Fill bowl or glass with water. Use open top containers / bowls to dissipate heat.
- Pour food grade vegetable oil in water.
  Make sure that enough oil is poured in the bowl to cover the surface of the water. 
  Oil depth approximately 1/8+” thick.
- Gently drop float in oil. Make sure wick is upright.
- Wait for oil to skim over the top of the float through the grooves.
- Allow the oil to reach the wick before lighting.

Please note that if you light the wick before the oil reaches the wick you will shorten
the overall burn time. This is important !!!!

Floating Candles
There are two types of floating candles. There are ones made of wax and the other 
uses vegetable based oils as the fuel source. The one we make is the vegetable 
based version. Essentially the original floating candle dates way back to the 
Roman Empire where corks with some sort of fiber or horse hair wick were inserted 
through the middle of the cork and were floated in olive oil and lit as you would a 
regular candle. The principle is simple. The cork version has a hole in the middle 
to insert a wick. The cork and wick assembly are floated in an olive or other 
vegetable based oil then lit. The oil is drawn up from the bottom of the cork through 
the middle up to the flame. The oil is the fuel for the light. See Ceremonial Oil 
Candles. The other version is a plastic disk about 2-1/4" in diameter with an 
indentation in the middle to hold the wick. With the plastic disk version the oil 
actually skims over the top of the disk in very narrow channel grooves until the oil 
reaches the wick in the middle. In this case the oil is not drawn from the bottom of 
the disk but over the top through the grooves. The plastic disk can be washed and 
re-wicked for several uses. See Floating Candles for more information. From a 
safety point of view no matter what type of floating wick you use always use open 
top containers to dissipate heat. Don't use bowls or globes where the flame can go 
"under" the sides of the glass. You can also set a safety level for burning by filling 
the container with water to a certain level then pour the oil on top (they will separate) 
to a level deep enough to sustain the float.

For Crystal Floats add a drop of fragrance to top of float lobes. Do not add 
scent to oil.
You may add food coloring to the water for decorative variations.
Floats are reusable. Simply clean with dishwashing liquid, allow to dry, 
and then add a new wick.

Insert Wick in Float

Fill Bowl with Water and Oil

Light Wick and Enjoy

Floating Candle Ideas:
Bowl with seashells and marbles in the water.
Cast figurines in bottom of bowl.
Add food coloring to water.
Add polished stones to base of bowl.
Mason jar partially filled with pebbles.
Wedding table Display.

Caution!: The wick made for the floating candle was designed to work with food 
grade vegetable oil only. DO NOT substitute mineral or various types of lamp oil.

Pricing Schedule: Retail    
Floating Candle (5 Floats and 25 wicks) $2.49
Pack Size: 3-1/2" W x 6-3/4" H    
Minimum order is 6 packs.

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